Married But Looking: What You Can Get From Extramarital Relationships

Marriage can bring you love, support, and the chance to start a family. But many people can’t get enough of this, and their partner can’t satisfy them entirely. This is why we often see married people looking for sex, love, fun, friendship, or someone to talk to. What can they expect from these extramarital relationships? They can fulfill any need that wasn’t satisfied by marriage. If you are married but looking, there is a website made just for you.

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Married but looking

What Married People Are Looking For

Married But Looking for Sex

Sexual infidelity is often the first kind of extramarital affair people think of. People can develop a long-term romantic relationship with one lover, have many sexual partners during their marriage, take an opportunity they have once in a while, etc. There is no one way to have an extramarital affair, as every relationship is different. But it is not as simple as a strong sexual desire that affects only 32% of people surveyed.

The lack of sexual variety is actually the principal cause of cheating. It affects 74% of people surveyed. While their husband or wife provide many great things, this is a need they can’t fill with only one person. Their partner might have a different sex drive, not be interested in sex, or not be available. However, married people don’t want to leave their main partner because they still hope that things will get better, and they are still satisfied with other things. In this case, a new sexual partner can save their marriage by relieving them of their frustration.

Married But Looking for Love

Nowadays, emotional infidelity is considered to be as bad as sexual infidelity. It is often described in three types. The object affair is when someone is obsessed with their lover, who becomes more important than their primary relationship. There are also emotional affairs where a married person becomes attached to someone else who better understands them. Or there are cyber affairs that happen entirely online. Sometimes, a married but looking person wants to leave their partner but doesn’t know how. Others can love more than one person at once just as much.

We often hear that ”love lasts three years.” It is normal to fall out of love after a while. The lack of love from their partner is one of the main reasons married people are looking for extramarital affairs. That’s the case for 77% of people surveyed. Other causes include the low commitment to their partner (41%) or feeling neglected by a lack of attention (70%). In this situation, a new lover can be a good way to fall in love again or find a way out of their main relationship.

Married But Looking for Fun

Cheating happens in situational circumstances for 70% of people surveyed. They could have been drinking at a party and ended up making out with someone. Or their cute new colleague at work kept flirting with them, and they didn’t want to miss the chance. This is more common in married men than married women. Infidelity is just another way to never miss an opportunity to have fun for many married but looking people. This can be explained by the fact that boredom in marriage predicts a less satisfying relationship over the years.

57% of people surveyed also like to have an extramarital affair to boost their self-esteem. They feel good about being back in the dating game and being desired. But 43% of them can also do it out of anger to get revenge on their partner. Some might feel like they have the right to cheat on their husbands and wives because they cheated on them first. In both cases, that’s a way for married but looking people to feel better about themselves.

Married But Looking for a Friend

It is possible for someone to feel lonely even when they are married. 40% of people have felt the pain of being lonely in a relationship at some point in their lives. They say, ” It’s better to be alone than in bad company,” but married people can’t always leave their partner. Sometimes, having a new friend is enough to have better self-esteem and find variety in different conversations and activities.

Loneliness can have a huge impact on people’s mental and physical health. It can be as bad as having alcohol use disorder or smoking fifteen cigarettes a day. It is also twice as harmful as obesity. It is also linked to a higher mortality rate. 28% of people dissatisfied with their family life can feel lonely most of the time. It also affects married people and those who have kids. In this case, having a satisfying social life can be a good way for married but looking people to stay healthy.

Married But Looking for Someone to Talk to

The lack of communication is often the most crucial problem in a relationship. Sometimes, a married person might not feel comfortable talking about their emotions or sexual needs to their husbands or wives.  They can’t turn to friends they have in common because they worry they might tell their partner or not be on their side. It is crucial to have someone else to talk to when their relationship is not going well.

It is also important for a married person to talk about their sexual need to someone open to it. A good listener won’t judge them or try to argue with them. Married but looking people might find what they are looking for with online sex workers or other people interested in the same thing. When it comes to sexting, women are more likely than men to have sexual conversations with another partner. They don’t even have to meet in real life, as they can be satisfied with this online relationship.

What you can expect from extramarital relationships

What Married People Can Expect from Extramarital Relationships

Fulfilling Their Sexual and Emotional Needs

When people get married, they expect to find sexual and emotional stability. It has been proven that interpersonal behaviors, sexual satisfaction, and sexual intercourse frequency between two married people are associated with marital satisfaction. But these things are not always guaranteed when someone is not interested in sex or intimacy.

This is why finding a new partner can solve many problems and ease a lot of frustrations. By finding someone else to satisfy their need, married people can solve their problems without asking too much from their partner. Married but looking people will come back home to be happier husbands and wives for their family.

Finding New Friends and People to Talk to

Married people expect their spouse to be their best friend. And if they are, they have way more chances of being satisfied with their lives overall. This also works for unmarried couples who are also best friends. The benefit from most of the advantages of marriage without having to tie the knot. Unfortunately, not everyone married their best friend.

Married but looking people can develop new friendships or find someone to talk to. They can find someone who will support them during all the challenges they have to face or simply listen. This is often not considered cheating, and they don’t even have to meet in real life or know their friend’s real identity.

Married But Looking – Find People to Satisfy Your Needs

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